Mark Wragg

Heya, kiwi farmer, currently mating ewe lambs in our Romney flock but moving forward into fine wool genetics the challenge will increase to achieve firstly mating weights and then carrying them through to a useful lambing percentage.

Docking/Tailing Irons

Hi all, just after opinions on tailing/docking irons, who’s using the Te Pari iron with the skin roller and what are your thoughts? Wringle isn’t an issue for us but leaving the tail length longer now days seems to leave enough wool on the tip of the tail to fairly consistently accumulate dag. Would the skin rolling iron help? Cheers
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Making the most of EID

hi all, we are in the process of changing from Romney base sheep to Southern Cross quarterbred genetics to move into finer wool while aiming to hold onto good carcass and production. We are just about to start EID tagging our flock and are keen to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences on what is the most useful data to be capturing to make the most of this investment?
Cheers, Mark
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