Hamish Thompson

Mixed Farmer and co Stud Principal of Moojepin Merinos
I began my farming career and the conclusion of senior school. I went shearing for a number of years along with othe livestock based work before taking on the running of our family farm. I run 2500 mature ewes and join 3000 ewes annually.

Sheep Social System

Just wondering what others think in regards to how sheep perform when the social network is disrupted. Attached is a graph of my ewe lambs where their growth is significantly altered when the teaser rams were introduced 31/01 - 13/02 until rams were then introduced. Feed, water, ewe numbers and paddock remained the same just the teasers. Is this just looking too much into it or is it just the fact that the teasers worked the ewes and they didn't consume what they normally would have? will be interesting to see the next weight capture later this week to see if the "Ram Effect" impacts weight like i think it might. Keen for others thoughts and or advice for next years joining

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Would people expect to see a higher conception rate using ram lambs over ewe lambs (or mature ewes) solely due to the higher semen quality (and presumed egg quality of young ewes) of younger rams or is this a myth?
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