Mark Ferguson

Ag Scientist, & Head Shepherd Podcast
Kia ora all, I'm an Australian living in New Zealand working with livestock farmers across both countries. At neXtgen Agri we have membership site, online training and a podcast. I love helping farmers do what they do.

Mating with ram lambs

I received a few comments on mating ewe lambs after our last newsletterΒ ο»Ώ Lynton Arney ο»Ώ do you want to add your experience on this forum?
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Welcome all

Welcome to all of those have signed up to the Magnificent Maidens space.Β  This is where we can discuss everything maiden ewe management.

Does any one have a goal setting tool - target liveweight graphed out to keep you on track?Β 
I have a spreadsheet set up that I am about to refine - would that be useful ?